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Contacto Japón (Contact Japan) is a personal initiative to build a cultural bridge between Japan and all the Spanish-speaking community. After being granted a full scholarship and finally obtain a Master Degree in Arts at the Tokyo National University of Arts (東京藝術大学, Tōkyō Geijutsu Daigaku). I wanted to honour this commitment with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (文部科学省 Monbu-kagaku-shō), by launching, to introduce and promote the values of the Japanese culture outside of Japan.

After completing my studies in Tokyo (2000-2004) I worked 6 months at the World Expo in Aichi, Nagoya (2005). Back in Venezuela, I worked at the Consular Office, collaborating with the Department of Culture and Communication of the Embassy of Japan (2005-2008). After a 5 year corporate career as Marketing Manager of Mitsubishi Motors Venezuela (2008 – 2013), I decided to develop the web site, as an educational platform, to introduce and promote the Japanese language and culture with relevant contents and activities.

From its beginnings, Contacto Japón has counted with the support from Japanese and experienced non-Japanese teachers devoted to inspire and guide our students to discover, understand, and even reach proficiency in Japanese language. Also from experts on different disciplines of Japanese culture (as Ikebana, Go, tea, Zazen, Karate-Kendo-Aikido, literature, calligraphy, food, tourism and language), who have allowed us to offer valuable information, training and unforgettable experiences throughout the last five years.

With our work, we expect not only to please all the people interested in this fascinating country, but also to be truly useful for those willing to learn its language, know its culture, its people; and eventually reach their academic, professional or personal goals in Japan. This is our main and sincere motivation, and satisfaction, every time we know we have accomplished it.


To contribute with the development of our community trhough educational and cultural activities based on values of the Japanese culture, as well as with the support to social actions.



To be recognized as a trustworthy reference for knowing the cultural values of Japan in the Hispanic community.



In each activity, content and service we offer.


To each and every person in our community and organization.


With our supporters and the work they do. And with the social actions that motivate us.

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